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DLAA, D. L. ADAMS ASSOCIATES, Audio-Video and Low-Voltage Consulting, USA

Intelligent buildings begin with smart design. Modern buildings require engineering that fuses smart design with superior technical solutions. At D. L. Adams Associates, our multi-disciplined IT and design consultants are known for creating pragmatic solutions to the most difficult technical problems.

Whether integrating a structure with voice data transport, life safety, and security, building automation, or advanced multimedia and telecommunications systems, we implement solutions that increase the technical performance of any structure. With each project, our multi-disciplined IT and design consultants are involved early in the process, allowing for the maximum in technological integration.

Below is a comprehensive list of our services within the voice data and IT infrastructure umbrella:


• Voice data and video • communications systems
• Telecommunications
• Sound masking and sound control systems
• Assistive Listening Systems (ALS)
• Audio/Visual systems (AV)
• Distributed communications (including cable TV, digital signage and visual information displays, and paging systems).

Life Safety and Security:

• Door access control and intrusion detection
• Video and audio surveillance
• Alarm detection, motion sensors, and monitoring

Integrated Automation:

• Network infrastructure for building automation systems
• Facility controls, telemetry, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)