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DLAA - D.L. Adams Associates, provides Acoustical Consulting to the A&E Industry

Noise and Vibration Control

Excessive noise and vibration can impact the usefulness of occupied spaces and their surrounding environments. At D. L. Adams Associates, we engineer solutions for noise control that measure, isolate and entirely reduce disruptions from sound and vibration.

Our engineers have the experience to control any disruption, including those from mechanical and electrical equipment, pumps, generators, fans, blowers, compressors, transformers, air handling units, fan coil units, and light ballasts. Whether your sound and vibration exist indoors or outdoors, our award-winning consultants are equipped to decrease any nuisance of sound.

With the help of computer modeling and 3D rendering, we provide structural analysis and thorough recommendations for controlling noise and vibration in unique areas and materials.

Our noise and control experience includes:

• Achieving significantly low background noise in enclosed spaces
• Minimizing the noise from HVAC systems
• Mitigating the noise from rooftop mechanical equipment and its impact on interior spaces
• Working alongside mechanical engineers to recommend noise control designs
• Reducing noise and minor vibrations from fans, pumps and other equipment
• Reducing and controlling internal vibrations caused by elevators
• Controlling vibrations in critical spaces like clean rooms and medical facilities due to building equipment and exterior sources
• Decreasing roadway noise in residential or urban areas