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Our services are all inter-related—some directly and some less so—and it is somewhat difficult to describe one without the others. For example, even a basic AV system needs a room with good acoustics, appropriate lighting, and an internet connection to provide today’s expected performance; thus, acoustics, AV, lighting, and IT go hand-in-hand. Each service below details what DLAA can do for you in that particular area of expertise.

D L ADAMS ASSOCIATES Architectural Acoustics, Acoustical Consulting, Theatre Consulting, AV-LV Consulting to the US
Acoustic Engineering Consulting
Acoustic Consulting

We closely study the way sound interacts with various surfaces and engineer acoustic solutions that amplify sounds and eliminate unwanted noise.

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Theatre Design Services

As leading theatre design consultants, D. L. Adams Associates offers advanced theatre design services to improve the audience experiences, as well as that of the performers.

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Audio Video  (AV) Consulting

At D. L. Adams Associates, we stand in the firm belief that visual and audio engineering work together to produce the ultimate listening experience.

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DLAA - D.L. Adams Associates, provides acoustics, noise control, audio/visual, and theatrical consulting services to design professionals, building owners, and facility users.
Acoustic Testing

Our services range from environmental assessment and outdoor noise evaluations to internal acoustic testing within diverse architectural assemblies and ensure that every completed project is of the highest standards in meeting code compliance.

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DLAA - D.L. Adams Associates, provides theatre consulting to architects, professional arts complexes, conservatories, and universities, non-profits, and everyone else who is excited by the magic of performance
Lighting & Rigging

We can help when it is time to build or remodel your performance space.  Working closely with you and other design team members we listen to your needs.

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Noise and Vibration Control

Excessive noise and vibration can impact the usefulness of occupied spaces and their surrounding environments. We engineer solutions for noise control that measure, isolate and reduce disruptions from sound, and vibration.

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Expert Witness in Acoustics

An expert witness or judicial expert is an individual who has knowledge on a particular subject beyond that of an average person.

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DLAA - D L ADAMS ASSOCIATES Build Reliable Telecommunications, Low Voltage Consulting, voice Paging System Design, Structured Cabling, Wireless Networks Design, Video Surveillance Systems, Master Clock Systems, Public Announcement (PA) Systems, CATV Distribution System, Conference Room Design, Performing Arts Audio System Design, Page show relay systems, etc.
IT, Data-Voice-Infrastructure

We can help when it is time to build or remodel your performance space. Working closely with you and other design team members we listen to your needs.

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Environmental Noise Testing

Our experience in environmental noise pollution-control consists of field-proven engineering solutions for measuring, analyzing, and quieting noise.

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