Scott Petrovits has recently joined D.L. Adams Associates as a senior consultant

Scott Petrovits has recently joined D.L. Adams Associates as a senior consultant. Scott has over 11 years of experience in the field of architectural acoustics. Becoming a consultant in 2000 after graduating from the Acoustics and Music program at the University of Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in Acoustics, he worked for several years for firms in New York and Connecticut, on all manner of projects all over the country requiring diverse and demanding acoustical design.

His expertise includes room acoustics, sound isolation, and noise and vibration control for projects in the domains of performing arts, education, worship, museums, entertainment, and broadcasting. Throughout his career, Scott has had the fortune to work for firms that understand the importance of the integration of space’s acoustic design with space’s audio, video, and information systems. This has fostered his philosophy of encouraging cooperation and coordination among multi-disciplinary project teams, to expertly ascertain client needs, and create spaces that best fulfill the desires of the end-user.

When he’s not consulting, Scott enjoys homebrewing and keeping tabs on the craft beer scene, having worked as a professional brewer for several years. He also has an extensive board game collection, the result of discovering the joys of Euro-style games while working in the tap room at his brewery. His clarinet is gathering some dust these last few years, but he plans to resurrect his decades-long music hobby any day now.

Welcome to the team, Scott!