Jason Humphrey, performance lighting programming and design, Theatrical Lighting design, Theatre design, D.L. Adams Associates

Jason Humphrey recently joined D.L. Adams Associates as an addition to our Theatrical Lighting design staff. Jason is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO, with a Bachelor of Arts with a Technical Theatre emphasis.

He has worked in the Theatre Lighting industry for more than 18 years, including working for a leading manufacturer, a local dealer to the Denver area, and a manufacturer’s representative for 90+ lighting/control product lines. Jason brings a well-rounded knowledge of how Theatre Lighting equipment is made, sold, delivered, and used to create a fantastic entertainment experience.

When Jason isn’t working on performance lighting programming and design, he likes to spend time playing Disc Golf, probably too much Disc Golf, he admits he is addicted to Disc Golf. He also enjoys riding snowboards, working on his house, having drinks with friends, road trips, live music, time with family, and generally enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

We’re glad to have you on the Theatre Design Team, Jason!