Expert Witness

Members of the staff at D. L. Adams Associates often serve as expert witnesses in areas of specialization. An expert witness or judicial expert is an individual who has knowledge on a particular subject beyond that of an average person. In many cases their expertise is due to thorough education or training, while for others, the knowledge is inherent.

The staff members of D. L. Adams Associates are often asked to provide expert witness testimony that is often accompanied by forensic engineering services in the following areas:

• Architectural acoustics
• Environmental noise
• Theatre production systems
• Audio-visual systems

Typically, we are asked to provide opinions on the severity or cause of an injury, the degree of annoyance, the cause of a machine or system failure, and other technical expertise of the like. Testimony by our expert staff is usually provided during a deposition, in a court of law, or both, and in many situations, our findings and opinions lead to the settlement between disputing parties before cases go to trial.

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