DLAA provide Noise and Vibration Survey,s Noise & Vibration Monitoring, Planning and Noise, Noise Impact Assessments, Pre-construction Noise/Vibration Assessments, Sound Testing, Sound Insulation Investigations, Noise at Work Assessments, Smart Noise Control, Construction Management Plan (Noise, Vibration, and Dust) Noise Mapping,
DLAA – D.L. Adams Associates, provides acoustics testing, noise control, audio-video, and theatrical consulting services to design professionals, building owners, and facility users.


Design Engineering Technology Software and Technology Testing Instrumentation Reference Library

To ensure each of our projects meets the highest technical and acoustic standards, the engineers and design consultants of D. L. Adams Associates apply a series of thorough tests to each system we design and install.

Our services range from environmental assessment and outdoor noise evaluations to interior acoustic testing within diverse architectural assemblies and ensure that every completed project is of the highest standards in meeting code compliance.

Below is a comprehensive list of our testing services:

• Sound Transmission Class (ASTC)
• Impact Insulation Class (AIIC)
• Reverberation Time (T60)
• Noise Isolation Class (NIC)
• Noise Reduction (NR)
• Articulation Index (AI)
• Privacy Index (PI)
• Speech Transmissibility Index (STI)
• Common Intelligibility Standard (CIS)
• Vibration Testing (acceleration and velocity)
• LDN Analysis (Day-Night Average)
• Noise Monitoring (short term and long term measurements available)
• Sound System Testing (to rate uniformity in coverage and noise-masking performance.
• Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) (reference Traffic, Air & Rail Noise)

Performance Lighting and Rigging