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With over 40 years of experience and thousands of projects, we’ve acquired technical, engineering and design expertise to turn your project concept into reality, and provide energy-efficient, cost-saving, and effective solutions that meet the exact needs of your structure.

Our innovative acoustic consultants and engineers have advanced educations and extensive experience in working with sound control. Our expertise – coupled with modern technology – allows us to quickly identify noise and vibration issues with advanced precision.

Our engineers are leaders in the industry and have many resources available to them for developing recommendations and systems designs.

• Architectural acoustics
• Sound Reinforcement
• AV
• Telecommunications
• Performance lighting
• Stage machinery
• Stage rigging
• Mechanical noise and vibration analysis

Modeling and Design

Thanks to computer rendering and 3D modeling, we can develop your project faster with the solutions required to achieve the goals for your project. Our expert consultants call upon the use of modeling software to verify design and engineering planning before a project begins to ensure that measurements are correct and system hardware will appropriately fit your space.

We apply software to the following services:

• Room acoustics
• Sound insulation
• Impact noise isolation
• Investigating and mitigating
• Environmental noise problems
• Systems Designs

Our staff expertise is augmented with the rich technical resources of our library of standards, regulations, architectural guidelines, hardware implementation and technical research. It one of the most complete sources of historic and contemporary data, information and case studies present within the acoustic design and engineering industry.

Measurement & Testing

On each of our projects, we implement a complete testing system that includes speakers, shakers, sound amplifiers, signal generators and tapping machines that allow us to accurately measure and process structural and environmental noise impact.

Our extensive collection of in-house testing equipment allows us to engineer intuitive solutions for each of our projects. With equipment that includes quality microphones, precision sound level meters, real-time analyzers, accelerometers and various sound and data-recording devices, we conduct sound impact, vibration, insulation and reverberation time tests and create higher performance levels within your structure.