Design Engineering Technology Software and Technology Testing Instrumentation Reference Library

With over thirty years of company history at D. L. Adams Associates, we’ve developed quite the library. Between our two offices in Denver and Oahu, our library of standards, regulations, and technical research is one of the complete sources of historical and contemporary data, information, and case studies presented within the acoustic design and engineering industry.

Over the years and hundreds of projects we’ve been a part of, we’ve acquired technical engineering and design reference texts, industry-specific texts, project case studies, and test data reports. For each of our projects, we call upon this extensive resource for reference on projects ranging from architectural guidelines to technical hardware implementation to ensure that we’re outfitting your structure for the best possible performance.

We consider our physical and virtual library to be one of the essential resources contributing to our engineering and design work.  This collection of work allows us to approach your project with the knowledge and information necessary to provide your project with the attention and detail it deserves.