Steve Root, Staff Theatre Consultant, Theatre Design, DLAA, D.l. Adams Associates

We’re happy to announce a new addition to our theatre consulting team!  Steve Root has recently joined D.L. Adams Associates as a Staff Theatre Consultant, where he will be working closely with our theatre design team to create extraordinary performance spaces for our clients.

Steve received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Metropolitan State University, and his Master of Arts in Theatre: Production and Design from Southern Oregon University.  His experience as a Theatre Educator, Technical Director/Theatre Production Designer, and Technical Designer for themed environments is sure to bring a unique perspective to our design team.  From Steve, “After a number of years working on the educational and production side of the entertainment industry, I am excited to use that experience to bolster DLAA’s relationships with theatre end-users and theatre educators alike.”

In his free time Steve enjoys chasing his kid(s) around and working on funky building projects in his garage/shop.  He also likes to cheer wildly, but in vain, for his hapless Colorado Rockies.

Welcome to the team, Steve!